Welcome to my huf haus blogspot! Over the forthcoming days and weeks, I intend (and I have good intentions!) to keep you updated with the progress of our "haus". I'm not an expert blogger so please bear with me ....I'll try my best!

Thursday 18 September 2008


Ok I'm well behind on my blog but what with moving in and spending time enjoing the haus, can you blame me!! Also BT have alot to answer for...Huf can build haus in 6 days, it took bt weeks to get me connected!!

Anyway, here's my first set of internal pictures! The kitchen! We chose the kitchen from siematic...it's still German so it follows on with the theme! We chose for the kitchen to be vanilla and latte with a zodiac worksurface. Great gadgets include a built in a steamer, quooker tap (works like a kettle!) and a colour changing tap!! How cool!! You'll also notice on the piccies that the glazed doors on the island unit change colour! It's fab...D.I.S.C.O!!!!

I really do love my kitchen...although it was much harder to choose than I expected what with the white walls and black wood. To me though it's perfect which is a good job as kitchens are very personal taste! Now I have to brush up on my cooking skills!!!

Thursday 10 July 2008


"Oh my god" That was my reaction when I saw my newly fitted bed deck last night!! It's huge!!

The Germans from Stil Art (part of huf) arrived yesterday morning to fit the bed deck (best described as a bed thats raised up towards the ceiling and accessed via a black wooden ladder) As normal they were on time (I have a bee in my bonet at the moment regarding SOME English workers and unkept promises) and as expected they did a fantastic job leaving the house as spotless as they found it!!

The bed deck is constructed out of timber and will easily take a king size mattress. Like the house itself it is finished in black, white and chrome. We opted for one of these for a couple of reasons....1. I'm often described as an overgrown child (and as a kid I wanted a cabin bed!) and 2. It means that I can use this room as a gym/wii fit room but still have a spare bed for guests as the floor space is left entirely free! Clever or what!! Well, I thought so.....anyway!!!

I love my beddeck and I plan to spend quite a bit of time hiding away here. From here I can nosey down the driveway....look out to the rear fields and watch the wildlife and nosey onto our landing area and casual seating area! It's a perfect viewing spot! I love it!!!

Wednesday 9 July 2008


In 1 week and 1 day we officially move in and I really can't wait!!

As I write our kitchen is being fitted (and it looks really good, even if I say so myself!!) We have opted for a modern hi-gloss kitchen from the siematic SL range (this basically means it got no handles!) It's finished in Vanilla cream and Latte with a zodiac worksurface. The centre piece is a fab island unit which has the hob and steamer set into it. What I like most though are the colour changing lights set behind the frosted glass doors...there are the best! Even the tap (which has not arrived yet) changes colour!!

The woodburning stove arrived last week. It's from Huf, although officially it comes from Holland. I really like the stainless finish....it complements the bolts on the house very well. One thing that suprised me though was the size of it. It's huge....as in taller than me!!! I don't think I'll be going cold!

Our landscapers are also doing a great job....the site has now all been levelled and is ready for turfing. We are having a granite patio laid to the rear, this will match the pathway around the house. The carport has all been blockpaved and shortly the driveway will be finished. Fingers crossed it will be all done for moving day!!

Monday 30 June 2008


Last Wednesday the house legally and officially became ours! In the space of the 2 days the Germans fully installed the bathrooms and fittings, hung all the internal doors and put all the skirting on. Little snagging jobs were done (mainly decor touch up) and the house was cleaned from top to bottom! It looks amazing!

The night before handover we sneaked in (This was at 9pm, the germans were just leaving) and made a snagging list (don't forget if it was a typical UK builder you would need to do this!). We arrived early for handover with list in hand (we not awkard but these houses are expensive and it must be right). But guess what, well you've probably guessed...all the jobs were done. They had also snagged it and put it all right. All I could find was some tiny nail marks in the skirting and as expected straightaway they fixed those too! So it was on to the official handover!

Frank (he's the main plumbing and heating man) walked us around the house explaining all the heating controls, how the boiler works and demonstating useful things on operating the showers and baths. Then it was on to Rudiker who went through the finer matters including keys, working of blinds and how to look after the house! We were presented with a DIY touch up box and Huf tool set! The front door was unwrapped and the lock changed from the builders lock to ours and then was it time....


18 months ago (when we paid our first deposit for the house) we were presented with a golden key in velvet jewellery box. For the past week I have been wearing this key around my neck (quite sad I know but I was excited) awiting to see if it would really open the lock that had been allocated to me all that time ago. And as expected it worked!!! The golden key opened the door!! Now, after only 3 months, the house is all ours.......


Now it's countdown time to moving but first the kitchen, fireplace and bed deck need to be installed. I'll be back soon with next updates!!!

Saturday 21 June 2008


We're now waiting for the final Huf team to arrive. However whilst we await our English teams are busy at work connecting our drains and the landscapers are busy putting in the driveway!

Again what a transformation (and it's still not finished!!) Since the house arrived we have been a pristine building site on the inside but like all uk building sites we have been pretty much a bomb site outside (and I don't do mud and mess!!!) Now we have a vast diffence!

Andrew and his driveway team have been busy all week. First they had to level out the area and then out of granite sets they created the curves of the drive and created zones where the turf will lay. Crusher stone has been laid and compacted and next week the first layer of tarmac will go down!

Inside the carport we have chosen to have grey granite sets and we will also have a granite pathway with white cobbles around the perimeter of the house. These will be laid early next week! I also plan to put the white cobbles in the chain circles. It's going to look superb!

So as I've said before next week is going to be a rather hetic one! However I really can't wait!!

Friday 20 June 2008

The Carpets are down....5 days until handover!!

Now I'm really buzzing....the house is beginning to look huge (and I thought it looked big before!!) The carpets are all down, all the tilings is finished and the solid wooden floor is complete! If you didn't already realise I really love my house!!! Or should that be "haus"!!!

The carpet man arrived from Germany on Monday evening (these Huf people do everything). Is first words were Hello...where are the carpets???? Oops!! These super efficeient Germans had made a mistake!! They had forgot to the deliver carpets!! So we had a carpet fitter on a 3 day schedule with no carpet to fit!! Luckily the wooden floor were sat here waiting and he could get cracked on with that!! Anyway after a few frantic calls (from the carpet fitter) the carpets were driven over from Germany and Mr Carpet man could get back on schedule!

What amazed me though was 1...he finished on time (he did say though that time is money!!)...2....the long hours he worked (until it went dark, we past at 9pm and he was still there) and 3....that he did it all on his own!! The huf way of carpeting is also quite different to the uk way. All the carpets and the wooden floors are glued to the floor. This is so there is absolutely no movement with furniture. As the carpets are getting laid, a rather heavy metal roller is rolled over to ensure perfect smoothiness and no air bubbles! Very nifty indeed!!

So now all the carpets are down! Mr Carpet Man ( I don't know is name) has gone back to Germany and now we await the final team who will put the skirtings on and do all the finishing of jobs! Our kitchen arrives Wednesday afternoon so once the house has been officially handed over to us, they can start fiiting that. Thanks to the guys at siematic, the kitchen is arriving earlier than the informed delivery date so hopefully we will be moving in ahead of schedule!! Happy days for me!!!

Monday 16 June 2008


Once again apologies for being behind on my posting! The internet access where I am tempoarily living is a nightmare!

Anyway...the lastest update is.....we'll get our keys next week!! I am so exited (but aren't I always!!)

The house is now fully decorated and also tiled! The decorators only took 2 weeks to do the full house including plastering! They have a rather strange system where the plaster and paint all comes as one product which they literally paint on! Only the germans!! Only Huf!!!

So now the black is really black and the white is really white, it looks so crisp. The cutting in is perfect but they did mask everything! Preparation is always the key! The decorators then left us and a few days later 2 tilers from Boden Art (part of Huf) arrived. Again they took great attention to detail. They pegged the flooring out with sting lines, laid all the tiles out in place and made sure that any cutting needed was symetrical! Then all the tiles were properly put back in place! How perfect!

Our bathrooms are also tiled and the baths already in place (they are tiled in...see picture) I almost cried (happy cry) when I saw the master bathroom. My bath is huge. I love it...when it's finished it will have pillows at both ends....I see myself spending alot of time in it!!!

So today is Monday and come Wednesday 25th June we will get the house officially handed over to us. This week is going to be a very busy week for us. We have a full german team on site include electricians, joiners and plumbers. The bathrooms will be finished, the carpets gets laid and the wood burner installed. Externally the driveway team should also start today and also Briscows (the original groundwork team) are back on site to connect the drains! What are a hetic week it will be!!!